Is the glow sand real sand?

Yes, both the white and black sand is real sand harvested from real beaches around the world. Unlike a lot of products out there, you won’t end up with a bottle of salt claiming it’s sand when you order from us!

The process to make our sand glow was developed in-house through years of experimentation until we perfected our process. While we can’t give the details of exactly how we make it, you can rest assured only the highest quality materials are used.

Facts about our Glow Process

  • Safe to use – We use only the latest Strontium Aluminate based minerals that are odorless compared to the older Zinc Sulfide, which has a stronger sulfur smell. Our glow sand is NON TOXIC and has no odor. They also offer the longest lasting glow time out of any glow products on the market.
  • Long lasting glow – Glow time can last from 1 hour to 24 hours depending on how long it is left in the light and how dark it is at night. Generally speaking, wearing one of our pendants in the sunlight for 4 hours will cause it to glow all night.
  • UV / Blacklight Responsive – Our glow sand also reacts to UV / Blacklight giving it a brilliant glow and we offer blacklight keychains to carry with you should you need to give your pendant a quick recharge (although normal sunlight does the job just fine).
Actual Blacklight Keychain may vary in color, brand, etc.

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