How do you make pendants glow?

We use high quality glow paint to make the pendants glow. They are painted by hand and then sealed using a clear acrylic to insure the paint does not wear or rub off. Our glow paint is resilient and can be “recharged” hundreds of times without losing it’s glow ability.

Our glow paint dries mostly clear, but may dull the shine of some of the pendants.


Colt Pendant with glow on the mane and tail in Daylight.
Colt Pendant with glow on the mane and tail at night.

Facts about our Glow Process

  • Hand Painted – Your pendant will carefully be painted by hand, depending on the pendant the entire pendant may glow or only part of the pendant depending on what surface(s) are most suitable to be painted. If you want specifics about what part of a specific pendant will glow, please contact us before ordering.
  • Direct from Manufacturer – We use only high quality professional grade glow paint from a company that has been making professional glow paint for over 15 years.
  • Safe to use – We use only the latest Strontium Aluminate based minerals that are odorless compared to the older Zinc Sulfide pigments, which do have a stronger sulfur smell. Our glow paint NON TOXIC and has no odor. They also offer the longest lasting glow time out of any glow paints on the market.
  • Long lasting glow – Glow time can last from 1 hour to 24 hours depending on how long it is left in the light and how dark it is at night. Generally speaking, wearing one of our pendants in the sunlight for 4 hours will cause it to glow all night.
  • UV / Blacklight Responsive – Our glow paint also reacts to UV / Blacklight giving it a brilliant glow and we offer blacklight keychains to carry with you should you need to give your pendant a quick recharge (although normal sunlight does the job just fine).
Actual Blacklight Keychain may vary in color, brand, etc.

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