What color are the pearls?

The color of the pearl used to make your jewelry is random, the following graphics are our current selection. If you have a preference, you can specify in the order notes at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request but can not guarantee you’ll get any specific color. We do not harvest the pearl until it is ordered so not even we know what color you will end up with!

Wish Pearls

  • Wish pearls come in white, pink, purple or black.
  • They are round, oval or teardrop in shape and may be ringed.

Japanese Akoya Pearls

  • Akoya come in a variety of colors (see graphic below).
  • Akoya are always round or nearly round & flawless.
  • We do not sell any Akoya that does not meet at least AA Standards, the vast majority of the ones we harvest are AAA Grade.
  • Akoya pearls will be between 6-8mm or larger.
  • In the past, our Akoya Pearls have appraised as high as $700/ea!

Akoya Colors

Common Colors

Blue, Cranberry, Silver, Dark Green, Black, Yellow, Copper, White, Cream, Pink, Lavender


Ocean Blue, Sea Green, Metallic Lavender, Metallic Gold, Metallic Pink

Ultra Rare

Hot Pink, Metallic Peach, Metallic Purple, Dragon Eggs

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