The Beginning…and the end.

We got our start in May of 2017 when the Live Pearl Party craze first hit Facebook and pretty quickly decided that just wasn’t for us. Dealing with the trolls on our live feeds, etc. just proved to be more stress than it was worth and sucked the enjoyment out of what we do. We eventually closed the shop as a result, but after many of our fans have asked us to reopen, here we are….with a bit of a twist.

A fresh start….

We no longer do live oyster openings on Facebook or any other platform & have pivoted the company to be a custom jewelry shop. You can now order a completely custom made piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours from GloPearls!

Make it glow!

We originally developed our glow process to make the pearls themselves glow, but we had a lot of folks that asked if we can make the pendants glow instead so that is the direction we decided to go in. If you do want your pearl to glow as well, contact us and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

A name you can trust…

GloPearls is owned by Fedora Prime LLC, a long established company which owns several web properties; primarily video games, but our main goal is to provide people with fun and spread joy throughout the world, so it just makes sense for us to add GloPearls back to our lineup, we enjoy making the jewelry and hope you will love our work as much as we do. If you have any problems with your order at all, please do reach out & we will do whatever is necessary to make it right!

Thank you for being the most valuable asset we could ask for, a loyal customer!

Mike Solstice
Chief Executive Officer
Fedora Prime LLC